The Order of the Crow

An Order of alchemists, physicians, clerics, and others trained in medicine, The Order of the Crow arose in Lus Luris to help combat sickness in the poorer members of society. All members are required to wear a plague mask when acting as part of the Order. The reason is two-fold: one, many believe the plague mask helps protect its wearer from disease; two, the founder of the Order, referred to as The Father of Crows, remained anonymous while helping the citizens of the city, wanting no fame or recognition.Following in his path, members of the Order hide their identity, claiming no fame or glory for their deeds, performing them solely for the good of the people.


Being members of the Order, your identity must stay hidden to the best of your ability. Members of the Order should not join the Order for recognition. Taking it a step further, members of the Order are referred to as “Crow” (or “Crows” plural) by the public, instead of their name.


Due to the anonymity inherent in the Order, many formerly wicked people have been able to repent, and seek retribution as a healer. There is another side to this coin however, where the wicked and evil can don the robes and mask of the Crows, in order to take advantage of the sick and weak. These “false crows” are known as Ravens, as they look like crows, but are not. This is considered an unacceptable act in the eyes of the public, with many mobs hunting down and killing Ravens.

The Order of the Crow

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