Lus Luris


Common District
Rose District
Iron District
Market District

Gold District
Waterfront District


Lus Luris is a melting pot, filled with an extensive combination of races:

There is a large half-orc population in the city, though many of them are left to physical labor or fighting in the arena. The orcs around Acerbos along with the half-orc population has also led to orc and half-orc slavery being common on the outskirts of the city.

The city has a small sub-district in the common district, not officially given a name, filled with Tieflings. The Tieflings of Lus Luris have had a troubled life, almost being forced out of the city 40 years ago, though they were saved by The Saint of Lus Luris.


The Order of the Crow
The Shadow of Lus Luris

Notable People:

The Saint of Lus Luris
The Father of Crows



Lus Luris

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