Tag: Acerbos


  • Lus Luris

    h4. Districts: *Common District* Rose District *Iron District Market District* Gold District *Waterfront District* h4. Population: Lus Luris is a melting pot, filled with an extensive combination of races: There is a large half-orc …

  • Acerbos

    A kingdom as old as the lands of man, having risen from nothing has led to a long line of those looking to take its power. This ancient kingdom has been broken, and rebuilt time and time again. h4. Cities: [[Lus Luris | Lus Luris]] h4. Towns: …

  • Titinius Family

    Members: [[:cyril-titinius | Cyril]] Banner: King Riding horse with Sword Red, white, gold, and silver

  • Gladius Family

    Members: [[:victor-gladius | Victor]] Banner: Sword Held up on Fire Red, yellow, and orange

  • Cyril Titinius

    King of Acerbos, long standing ruler having held his position for more than 50 years. A very involved king who has been directly involved with his holdings, and his people. Loved, and respected, he has been able to stem the tides of war between two long …

  • Brice Caulfield

    Brice's history isn't well known to the inhabitants of his town. What is known is that Brice Caulfield was born and raised in [[Aqudon | Aqudon]] by his father, ..., a cobbler. Unsatisfied with his life in the small town, he left to [[Lus Luris | Lus …