Saint of Lus Luris

The Matron Saint of Lus Luris


Despite being alive during many citizen’s lifetimes, people remember very little about the almost mystical Saint of Lus Luris.


No one can recall exactly how the Saint looked, but from vague recollections, and her statue in the city, people know she was a beautiful Elven matron. She had some type of light armor, and bore a long flowing cloak on her back.


One of the greatest claims to her mysticism was her two deaths. After both times she died, there was a grand funeral in her honor, the first with offers of money and food to the citizens of the then slums (now Common and Rose Districts), and a statue built in her honor. Few people can remember any of her actions before her first death, but given the grand ceremony, many knew she must of been a wonderful person.

Some time after her initial death, she came back to the city, and helped stop the rebellion brought on by the nameless shadow organization slowly taking over. She fought and stood with her allies, being brought down again, to help save the city. Her sacrifice helped unite the people of Lus Luris, and end the coup.

Her second funeral was a more somber event, where she was officially given the title “Saint of Lus Luris”. While she didn’t return in a physical form, many believe her spirit still watches over and protects the people of the city.


Her deeds became more apparent after her first death, and include:

  • Protecting the Tieflings in the city.
  • Stopping the revolt.
  • Sacrificing herself.
  • Providing money, food, and shelter to the poor of the city.

Saint of Lus Luris

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