Father of Crows

Founder of The Order of the Crow


A figure in the same league as the Saint of Lus Luris, the Father of Crows was the border-line mystical founder of The Order of the Crow. While being shrouded in slight mystery, his constant presence helped keep him grounded as a real person in the city of Lus Luris. He had spent months in the city, helping the clerics of Cresco aid the sick. As time went on, he started to amass income, and formed the Order, to try and help more people than the handful of people could alone.

The Order helped end widespread sickness in Lus Luris, and as the plague hit, they helped prevent it from spreading.

With the help of his order, and the increasing prosperity of the city, there was no longer widespread disease. The Father of Crows slowly started to become unnecessary, until he disappeared one night.

No one heard anything about him for weeks, but eventually, a few people learned his true identity, Calathes Siegon, the former apprentice to the king’s alchemist. He had stolen a powerful magic item from the king and used it to aid the people of Lus Luris. No longer needed in the city, he turned himself in, and was imprisoned for his crimes.

Father of Crows

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