Brice Caulfield

Mayor of Aqudon.


Brice’s history isn’t well known to the inhabitants of his town. What is known is that Brice Caulfield was born and raised in Aqudon by his father, …, a cobbler. Unsatisfied with his life in the small town, he left to Lus Luris to find opportunity. He spent many years in the city, going on grand adventures, and aiding his kingdom in a time of conflict.

People from Lus Luris had a slightly different view of Brice, however. When a young Brice went to Lus Luris looking for bright, new opportunities, he instead found a shadow, The Shadow of Lus Luris, the city’s thieves guild. A low ranking member of the thieves guild, Brice aspired to be “the greatest thief in the history of the world”, and would often tell people as such. While it annoyed some, his cocky attitude is what got him into the guild in the first place. As a thief, he went on many adventures, robbing various merchants throughout the city, and even capturing an enemy general. While he aspired to be a great thief, he actually had little personal use for the money he hold stolen. With his excess gold, he started to improve the town of Aqudon to what it is today.

Regardless of the Brice they know, he now spends his time helping Aqudon, interacting with its people, and improving their lives.

Brice Caulfield

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